Three OCFC Players to Participate in 2018 NPSL Player Showcase!

by Art Eftekhari

michael bryant, brandon gomez, and connor gordon will represent orange county fc at the npsl showcase from january 13 to 15 in florida

The NPSL will be holding its fourth annual Player Showcase from January 13 to 15 at Austin-Tindall Park in Kissimmee, Florida.

“The showcase gives our players countless opportunities to be seen by professional coaches, scouts, and agents and it also provides added value to our members,” Showcase Committee Chairman Kenny Farrell said.

“It gives tremendous credibility to what we do as a league as our mission to provide opportunities to our players. There is no question that the MLS Combine cannot cater to all players and that many players are missed. This is a responsibility we take seriously, and the showcase is gaining gravitas every year because of the authenticity of the project.”

Participating players have to be 23 years of age or under and were nominated by their clubs for consideration to represent their region. The final invite list was determined after nominations were reviewed by a committee.

Orange County FC players Michael Bryant, Brandon Gomez, and Connor Gordon will be playing for the West Region in Florida.

Defensive midfielder and captain Michael Bryant was instrumental in the success of OCFC making it all the way to the Western Regional Final in its inaugural season in the NPSL.

"It's a real honor and privilege to be selected to the NPSL Showcase," Michael Bryant said. "I want to thank my coaches and my teammates for putting me in this position because none of this would have been possible without them. I just need to keep it simple and play with confidence when I get out there."

Goalkeeper Brandon Gomez quickly became popular for his fine saves, dribbling, and ball distribution skills which earned him two assists on the season.

“I am excited and super thankful for coach Paul Caligiuri, owner Nader Dejbakhsh, and anyone else who helped me get here,” Brandon Gomez said.

“Being one of the few players selected across the country means a lot. I’ve been preparing for it and hopefully I am able to perform out there.”

Midfielder Connor Gordon scored ten goals for OCFC last year, including a brace on his debut appearance, and was constantly a matchup problem for opposing defenses.

"I am really excited to get the opportunity to represent both OCFC and myself in a positive way and show everything that both the club and I stand for," Connor Gordon said. "It is an incredible opportunity and I'm going to be sure to make the most of it."

Training sessions at the Player Showcase will take place on Saturday, January 13 and matches will be played on Sunday.

The West Region will face the Northeast Region on January 14 at 9:00 AM and immediately after the Midwest Region will play the South Region.

Championship and Consolation matches will be played on Monday January 15 to wrap up the 2018 NPSL Player Showcase.

Orange County FC would like to congratulate Michael Bryant, Brandon Gomez, and Connor Gordon for getting the opportunity to participate in the 2018 NPSL Player Showcase.