OCFC 2 Rally to Stun Santa Clarita!

by Art Eftekhari

ocfc 2 refuse to lose in 3-2 comeback victory over santa clarita storm

Santa Clarita, CA – For many people the Fifth of November is just a random day or maybe it is important to you if you are a fan of the film V for Vendetta.

But if you are a supporter of OCFC 2, you will always remember the Fifth of November as the day when OCFC 2 fought back to defeat the Santa Clarita Storm.

The home side took care of business in the first half and built a two-goal lead behind strikes from Oscar Sanchez and Philip Boscacci.

Playing on the road and trailing 2-0 at the half, OCFC 2 had a huge mountain to climb against one of the founding members of the United Premier Soccer League.

OCFC 2 got back into the game at the hour mark when midfielder Luis Miguel scored off a brilliantly taken free kick to cut the lead to 2-1.

Dakota Collins scored two goals one week ago in his debut with OCFC 2 and he started his own goal scoring streak when he scored to tie up the game at 2-2 in the 72nd minute.

Time ticked away and with the way the match was going, Santa Clarita Storm might have been okay with a 2-2 draw.

A corner kick taken by Sebastian Valencia in the 86th minute was headed by David Martinez but couldn’t be cleared to safety.

Center back Josh Davis headed the ball into the net to complete the comeback and give OCFC 2 an amazing 3-2 victory.

What had gotten into OCFC 2 in the second half? Was it the character of OCFC 2 that brought them back into the game or was it the influence of head coach Paul Caligiuri?

“It was a little of both,” said captain Jonny Romero. “Our character and prowess to fight back was remarkable.”

One has to wonder just what head coach Paul Caligiuri said to his men at halftime.

“Paul told his players that they needed to step up,” said Assistant Coach Cyrus Navabpour.

“Our midfielders showed their leadership qualities in the second half and completely changed the dynamics of the game.”

This was an excellent win for OCFC 2 and it defined the meaning of a team effort.

OCFC 2 found themselves down by two goals going into the second half but captain Jonny Romero did not elaborate very much on what needs to be done going forward this season.

“We are on a roll,” said Romero. “We got to keep the momentum going.”

OCFC 2 will be ready for the next game on the road in San Diego but Paul Caliguiri and OCFC 2 will always remember the Fifth of November.