Getting to know Erik Mueller

by Art Eftekhari

the son of a german father and german-american mother, it comes as no surprise that the captain of ocfc grew up with a passion for the world's most popular sport

Art Eftekhari: Erik, good job on the victory against Temecula FC. We knew what the team's mindset was coming in but were you a little surprised by the 6-1 score?

Erik Mueller: Thank you, I kind of knew we were going to come out on top. We played very well and I wasn't surprised by the scoreline at all.

Art Eftekhari: After the game against FC Arizona, coach Caligiuri said you guys were a young team and that the chemistry wasn't all there yet. Do you agree with him? And what do you think of the chemistry after the 6-1 win over Temecula?

Erik Mueller: Yeah I still think we are a young team but feel as if the chemistry is growing and its a great group of guys that are coming together from different playing backgrounds. We obviously have a lot to grow with each game but hopefully as the season goes on we can build on the chemistry that we are starting to see. It was great to get the win for our first home game against Temecula FC and hats off to the guys for never letting off the gas.

Art Eftekhari: The fans would like to know more about the OCFC players, so what are some of your hobbies besides soccer?

Erik Mueller: That's a good question, I would say food and the gym. Like finding a new sick lunch spot or diner. Oh and coffee. Love coffee.

Art Eftekhari: Who was your favorite soccer player when you were growing up?

Erik Mueller: Michael Ballack without a doubt. He played with a lot of heart and passion.

Art Eftekhari: What is your favorite club soccer team?

Erik Mueller: Bayern Munich of course.

Art Eftekhari: We all know you play with a great bunch of guys but who is the joker among the OCFC players?

Erik Mueller: Chila (Jose Montes de Oca) and Tony (Edward Anthony Morales) are definitely pretty lively on road trips and are always having fun but our keeper Brandon Gomez is definitely the jokester of the group.

Art Eftekhari: What do you think of the I-5 Army?

Erik Mueller: The I-5 Army is awesome. I think its a great foundation for the club to have such an outgoing and committed supporters group.

Art Eftekhari: Erik, thank you for your time and I am looking forward to another OCFC victory. Do you have a message for the OCFC supporters?

Erik Mueller: Just thank you for the support, many of the players here at OCFC dream of playing soccer at a professional level and the support from the fans, friends, and family make the journey that much sweeter! Thank you and we will try and get the victory on Saturday against City of Angels FC.