David Preys Interview!

by Art Eftekhari

Brought up through the LA Galaxy academy, david preys made a name for himself at the 2019 lamar hunt u.s. open cup

Art Eftekhari: Who was your favorite soccer player when you were growing up and was it a goalkeeper?

David Preys: Petr Čech was my all-time favorite growing up.

Art Eftekhari: When did you discover that you were a goalkeeper?

David Preys: At age 9. I went to my first soccer camp, I saw the field players running around and the goalkeepers were just catching balls. So my laziness took over and I chose goalie.

Art Eftekhari: If you weren’t a goalkeeper, what position would you see yourself playing?

David Preys: Definitely a defender. I had a short stint when I was young at right back.

Art Eftekhari: You were called into action to be the starting keeper for OCFC in the First Round of the U.S. Open Cup, did you feel any pressure?

David Preys: There is always pressure going into a win or go-home tournament. But the pressure is strange because it always brings the best out of me.

Art Eftekhari: OCFC fans will always talk about the famous victory over Orange County SC in the Second Round of Open Cup. You stopped Aodhan Quinn’s penalty and he is known to be a penalty kick expert. Did you study any of his penalty kicks from previous matches in the USL Championship?

David Preys: No studying really. Just as a goalkeeper, you have a gut feeling and you just go with it. I made sure to stay till the last possible moment to make sure he wasn’t waiting for me to move. Then I took off.

Art Eftekhari: You guys came out on top in the Third Round against Las Vegas Lights FC. The supporters behind you appeared to be loud and noisy. How do you react in those kinds of situations? Does it bring out the best of you as a keeper?

David Preys: Wow, I have to say the Las Vegas Lights supporters really made it difficult for me with the smoke and the megaphone. It was difficult. I just tried to keep my head in the game and did my best to communicate under the circumstances. I wouldn’t say it brings out the best. It really does mess with you a little. Just need to have more experience dealing with those situations. 

Art Eftekhari: OCFC got to play against the LA Galaxy in the Fourth Round. As a player who was brought up through the Galaxy Academy, what was going through your head?

David Preys: Well, growing up you knew that was the highest level you could get to in the club. So yes, it was a big moment for me and it also gave me a glimpse of what to expect at that level. Really, the only thing going through my head was what goes through your head in any other game: do what you can to win. 

Art Eftekhari: What can you say about your goalkeeping coach Claine Plummer? How much of an impact has he had on you?

David Preys: Claine and I have a long history so it was amazing getting to work with him again. He has done a great deal for me and I appreciate every moment I spend with him. He contributed a lot to the goalkeeper I am today and he is definitely like an on-field therapist. Especially whenever you need to talk to someone during halftime. Goalkeeper gets lonely sometimes and everyone needs someone to calm them down.

Art Eftekhari: Looking back at the 2019 season, what was your favorite moment?

David Preys: My favorite moment would be playing in my hometown against my hometown team (LA Galaxy) in front of lots of friends and family. I guess the fact that there were like 8,000 people in attendance wasn’t too shabby either. All jokes aside, that was an unreal moment.

Art Eftekhari: You made many clutch saves in the U.S. Open Cup and at times my jaw hit the ground. Do you feel you should be starting for clubs at the USL Championship level?

David Preys: I’m glad I made a good impression but at the end of the day, I do think I could play at a higher level and hopefully I continue to progress and become better and make it.